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      How do you wear a baby bow?

      Bows with clips can be attached directly to your child’s hair. If your baby doesn’t have enough hair, you can use a hair tie or band to gather the hair, then clip the bow to that. A baby with little, no, of very thin hair should use a nylon attachment.

      How do you wear a baby headwrap?

      Headwraps should be worn with the bow towards the front, and the logo towards the back in the upright position. The wrap should fit snugly, and not too tight. If it stays in place without falling and you can fit two fingers underneath the wrap, it is a good fit. You should not have to excessively force the headwrap over your child’s head. If it’s too tight, continuous wear could damage your child’s hair (especially if it’s already thin).

      How do you wash a bow or headwrap?

      We recommend hand washing with a mild soap or detergent and warm water. Soak the bow under the warm water, add mild soap, and agitate the stain using a soft brush or your hands. Leave the bow out to air dry once complete. Use of a washing machine or dryer on a delicate setting can cause bows to become untied, so we do not recommend it.

      When can my baby begin wearing bows?

      The day they are born! Even a newborn baby can wear a bow or headwrap and they make perfect accessories for newborn photo shoots.